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Hi, my name is Tylor. I am the owner of Tj's Meal Prep & Twin Kiss Restaurant.
When I first started this business, I was introducing weekly meal prep to the area. I offered 6 meals, fully cooked and ready to eat. As that expanded into a rotating menu with breakfast & snack items, everything else started to expand as well. I started offering party platters which turned into grazing boards and then grazing tables. After grazing tables, I had folks asking me to cater weddings & parties & office luncheons. Fast forward to FOUR years later, I still offer the weekly meal prep, party platters, grazing boards, grazing tables, full caterings for any event you'd need, and now I've taken my party planning skills and offer those along with decorations for your events. I even have a micro venue to rent out in the dining room spaces of Twin Kiss. I am really living out a dream and it's all thanks to my amazing customers! Thanks for checking out the website & all I have to offer. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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2495 N Eagle Valley Rd
Howard, PA 16841


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